What Models are in the 2020 BMW M Lineup?

If there is one selection of cars that should be listed as some of the most impressive that you will find, the BMW M Series is that one. With a range of options that includes convertibles, coupes, sedans, and crossovers, we are sure that you can get into the one that is perfect for the needs of your life. The 2020 model year for the M Series is bringing you some of the newest additions to this lineup, and we want to get you on a test drive so that you can see them all.

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2020 BMW M2

If you are looking for a sleek and elegant design that cannot be matched, the 2020 BMW M2 Competition Coupe is right for you. The two-door design and a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged engine that makes up to 405 horsepower is sure to add some thrill to every drive that you take. You'll also be getting an Active M Differential and M Sport Chassis for a smooth and controlled driving experience.

2020 BMW M4

Allowing you to choose between a Coupe and Convertible, the 2020 BMW M4 is a model that can suit the needs of your lifestyle. The Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) that is incorporated into the construction reduces weight and makes it more agile. You will also have a choice between a 425-horsepower engine or a 454-horsepower engine to keep you smiling while you are driving.

2020 BMW M5

Choosing the 2020 BMW M5 will keep you excited whenever you are driving. This is a midsized sedan that can comes equipped with a 4.4-liter TwinPower turbocharged V8 for up to 600 horsepower, giving it a 0 - 60 time of 3.2 seconds. The model comes equipped with a sport suspension to cut back on weight and to improve handling.

2020 BMW M8

You can tailor the 2020 BMW M8 to be perfect for your lifestyle, offering a Coupe, Convertible, or Gran Coupe body style. You'll also be getting a 4.4-liter V8 engine that makes up to 600 horsepower, with an increase up to 617 horsepower available. You'll also be getting a wide range of driver assistance features to give you the confidence that you need for any road that is ahead.

2020 BMW X3 M

BMW Sport Activity Vehicles (SAV) will give you the design you want with the capabilities that you need. You will have up to 473 horsepower at the base with up to 503 horsepower from an upgraded engine, giving you a family vehicle that will add some excitement to every drive. The M transmission and xDrive system tailored specifically to this model are sure to provide the driving experience that you are truly looking for.

2020 BMW X4 M

Designed as a Sport Activity Coupe (SAC) with a roofline that slopes more than an SAV does, the 2020 BMW X4 M is a model that you will love for years to come. While there is some competition to be had in the category, the 2020 BMW X4 M offers up to 503 horsepower with 473 horsepower coming at the base. The M components that are equipped have the same spirit of BMW's racing heritage, making it a larger model that will help you enjoy your errands, commutes, and road trips.

2020 BMW X5 M

For its debut on the market, the 2020 BMW X5 M is equipped with a 600-horsepower 4.4-liter TwinPower turbocharged engine that will thrill you whenever you press down on the pedal. With up to 72.3 cubic feet of cargo space available, this model is equally as capable as it is powerful, giving you the opportunity to get into a model that will be right for every road that is ahead of you.

2020 BMW X6 M

Making up to 600 horsepower, the 2020 BMW X6 M Sports Activity Coupe is sleeker than the 2020 BMW X5 M, having a sloped roofline while the X5 M is more rigid. While many models with a roofline like this tend to hurt for cargo space, the 2020 BMW X6 M gives you up to 59.6 cubic feet of cargo space, helping you bring along everything you might need.

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