Get Your Questions Answered When it Comes to Your Vehicle's Brakes

Get Your Brake Related Questions Answered when You Visit our Service Center

Did you know that your BMW's brakes are one of its most vital safety features? That's why, here at BMW of Kansas City South, our team members recommend having your brakes inspected on a regular basis. Fortunately, doing so is as easy as scheduling an appointment with the team in our Service Center. To get started, we encourage you to read on below to have some of your most common brake related questions answered...

My brakes are squealing. Is there a problem with them?

If your BMW's brakes are squealing whenever you go to use them, it may be because the pads are worn down and need to be replaced. However, if this happens while you're driving, it could be because of the terrain or road condition.

My brakes make a groaning noise when I try to stop. Do they need to be replaced?

More often than not, that groaning noise can be considered normal. Recognized as nothing more than a vibration coming from the front disc pads, your brakes more than likely don't need to be replaced. Of course, if you are concerned, we encourage you to make an appointment with our team.

My car has been having a tough time stopping. Is this bad?

If your vehicle is slow to stop, or if it's having trouble stopping altogether, our team members strongly urge you to schedule an appointment with our Service Center. If your BMW is having trouble stopping, it could be anything from air in the brake system to total brake failure.