Enjoying the 2020 BMW M2

The 2020 BMW M2 caters to a specific clientele, one that wants an exciting and stylish drive no matter where they go, does that sound like you? It has a spacious interior, a powerful engine, and a distinct design, making sure you will be able to enjoy the drive that's ahead of you. This is a model who certainly deserves the M distinction that it has, with one trim option - the M2 Competition Coupe - that gives everything you could have been looking for.

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2020 BMW M2 Front Seat

Interior Features & Design

The cabin of the BMW M2 ensures you will enjoy every minute that you are behind the wheel. With Apple CarPlay coming standard and a centrally-located screen will give you access to any media or apps that you might want while driving. The M Sport seats come standard and there is available Black Dakota Leather with contrast stitching and M badging for comfort and style.

Exterior Features & Design

The BMW M2 is a two-door coupe for every driver to enjoy. The front grille maintains the bold and aggressive feeling that you will want in a BMW model, accompanied by sleek headlights that will give you the best visibility that you could imagine. With color options that range from Alpine White to Sunset Orange Metallic and Long Beach Blue Metallic, we are sure that you can find one that looks how you will want.

Performance Options

The 2020 BMW M2 comes equipped with an engine that you will be able to enjoy whenever you get behind the wheel. The turbocharged 3.0-liter BMW M TwinPower engine makes up to 405 horsepower, pushing you back into your seat whenever you press down on the pedal. There is also a six-speed manual transmission equipped to give you the true feeling of driving.

2020 BMW M2 Engine

Technology & Safety

The 2020 BMW M2 is equipped with an Active Driving Assistant which comes with a variety of the most advanced features that you will find. This system includes features like Daytime Pedestrian Detection, Frontal Collision Warning with City Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure Warning, and Driver Alert to keep you feeling confident whenever you are driving.